Disgusting and Perverted


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You can IM me but I will only answer 2 questions before a call.

I do all role plays and fantasies. You have found a girl who will role play your dreams.

Commonly used ways  to describe my type of calls.....
  1. Extremely unpleasant unless you are into extreme fetishes,
  2. My subject matters are so objectionable as to elicit despise or deserve condemnation, but hey I like the fetishes and taboo subjects.
  3. Atrocious: I go way beyond the boundaries.
  4. Foul in the sense that I see no reason to be passive,  your paying for my disgusting ways
  5. horrid, nasty, nauseating, offensive, repellent, repulsive, revolting, sickening, ugly, unwholesome, vile.
  6. abhorrent, abominable, contemptible,   despicable,  detestable, filthy, infamous, nasty, nefarious, obnoxious, odious,  vile, wretched.
  7. Degenerate: Utterly reprehensible in nature or behavior: corrupt, depraved, flagitious, miscreant, perverse, rotten, unhealthy, villainous.
  8. Deprave To ruin utterly in character or quality:  debase, bastardize, bestialize, brutalize, canker,   corrupt, animalize, debauch, demoralize, pervert, stain, vitiate, warp

Phone Sex  for the twisted sick disturbed man who needs
a sick twisted disturbed woman! This is a fantasy only line.
You can't offend me. But I might offend you.

$2.99 a minute
10 minute minimum

Enter because you like my sick mind.

Exit because you fear my sick mind.


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$2.99 a minute

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